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Persistance pays off

The band got a break as Sahra and I went in to record an intimate duo. Having recently rehearsed the song, with great results and nominal effort, we felt confident this would be the easy one, The red light was on.

2 or 3 takes later however, after making an official rule in my head that after 3 takes we would move on, we both realised that something just wasn't sitting right between us, although we couldn't pin point or verbalise what it was. The more we forced it and analysed it however, the more contrived it was becoming and the more self-conscious we became - the recipe for disaster! Something I have realised over time: sometimes ironically the hardest performances are those when something has previously been going so right - perhaps taking for granted that it is going to be a doddle, and the other trap (even if subconscious) of striving to re-create that perfect past performance, rather than letting it be what it will be. In turn loosing the element of improvisation, and embracing the here and now.

Despite all this, we managed to get 2 complete takes. And to add to it everyone ooh-ed in the control room, as Moses, Ruth, Nick and Stephen listened avidly and assured us it was killer!!...

However, although the notes were right and the performance as such sounded good....we both just inherently knew that the energy of the song and the interaction between us wasn't what it could be.

Photo credits - Stephen Cropper

I made the unusual decision to leave it and move on. I cracked on with the band, deliberately shifting the energy and mindset, choosing a relaxing tune where I could creatively unwind. Sahra disappeared into the corridors, to "Oh- ah" and thoroughly relax and lubricate her vocal chords.

20 minutes later, we decided to try again. Relaxed, with a new state of mind and attitude that we would just see what happened and resign ourself to the story of the song.... out of nowhere the magic unfolded.

Photo credits - Stephen Cropper

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