Last night was off the hook!! Thanks to ALL who made it!

Out of this world gig at the Jazz Cafe... still taking it in. Last night was deep and rocking! Thanks so much to everyone who made the totally electric, buzzing audience! You were with us all the way and through the deepest moments! Incredible to share it with the phenomenal artists Ruth goller Jake long and Sahra gure who lifted it to another level. Photo credits Nadjib Le Fleurier - Sisters Publishing

Awesome review new Binker&Moses album-thanks to Allaboutjazz!!

"She is remarkable. Her approach here has little connection with Alice Coltrane or Alina Bzhezhinska, eschewing glissandi and approaching the harp instead like a twangtastic, acoustic bass guitar. "The music's default position is ferocity...... Jumping-off points are provided as much by Boyd's beats as Goldings's harmolodic centres. Motor rhythms are ever present, not so much grooves as urgent pulses, pushing the music forward. The result is a whirlwind. It can rip the hair clean off the back of your neck." Read full article here:

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Tori Handsley