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Tori Handsley emerges as a leader” The Guardian 


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I'm a leadership and performance coach working with CEOs to entrepreneurs, alongside my work as an international performer and leader. All my work is driven by a belief in the power of human communication to create positive change, to our own lives, and those around us, in an increasingly pressured world.


Through my extensive training and experience in the arts and leading teams on the ground, I've developed my own skills and techniques, alongside training with the Institute of Leadership and Management and as an accredited NLP Practitioner. As a music scholar from the age of 10, performing in front of large audiences of hundreds of people, and leading teams in high pressure situations, I've learnt first hand how to focus and be steady under pressure, to deliver clear, inspiring communication. I have since performed for numerous prime ministers, celebrities including Emma Watson and Joanne Frogatt, and for venues from Blenheim Palace to Downtown Abbey.

"For many years I went on training courses to help with facing challenging situations, however these didn't work for me. Through the coaching sessions with Tori however, she enabled me to find a way for me which has really worked and is actually quite significant. Tori has helped me to see the situations I face are manageable. There isn't a situation since coaching where I have felt I haven't dealt with it well"



Realising how natural these skills had become to me and, through my work with others, how valuable these skills are, I became passionate to pass on my expertise to empower others. I also saw many people privately living with doubts, fears and nerves -significantly affecting their potential and output- which should not be the case and they do not deserve. During the covid-19 pandemic, working as a coach I increasingly saw the exhibition of such qualities and a loss of motivation and focus, even within strong leaders, and added to my determination to help others reignite that fire and their sense of purpose and place in our world.


"YOU are the only person to have motivated her during lockdown. I can't thank you enough, you're so inspiring." Parent of A-Level student

I have also achieved a Performance Diploma and am an Associate of LCM, BSc (Hons) 2.1 from UCL, and received a scholarship onto the Akasha Innovation's Leadership and Sustainability program. I have worked with a plethora of individuals from the BBC to the civil service, and I was delighted to be a speaker for the dynamic new program 'Emerging Leaders' run by ASDC in 2021. Please do reach out to enquire about coaching for yourself, another, or your organisation. 

I offer: 

  • one-to-one coaching

  • speaker engagements

  • workshops

I am passionate about empowering inspiring, sustainable leaders of the future, helping you to have greater clarity, develop deeper self-confidence and resilience, to be able to take on opportunities and face the challenges of tomorrow.

"Tori has made me feel much more comfortable and confident in myself and acknowledge the value I hold and strengths I can bring to situations." Youth leader

"I found my coaching sessions with Tori incredibly productive. Tori was very focused and practical with how she approached my challenges. Tori had helpful frameworks and each session I felt I made a giant leap forward and gained great insight and clarity. I cannot thank her enough."

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