Reflections & fighting through the pressure...

The night before, starting to feel the pressure, I reminded myself about the origin and meaning behind each song: the emotions, the inspiration – the reason for its being. Its not just notes, or anyone could have written them, and nobody can play your notes, with your story. Through all the intense, amazing, thorough rehearsing and hours and hours of personal practice to give this album my all, and what it deserves, I realised I was becoming so overly analytical and self conscious, with the building nerves and natural pressure just to do my best. I don't usually get performance / recording nerves usually, primarily from my improvising sessions, running Freedom and being plunged into the deep

Me playing tour manager

Kids dropped off (harp and keyboards!), shopping done, fingers fully exercised, sports massage done, final schedule done. Realising playing band leader, tour manager, marketing manager, chef, and coordinator is thoroughly exhausting to the max!... but a good job done!

good times

Realise Moses is the queen of stupid faces, although apparently I do a half good job too ;)

Mum bursts into song...

Mum spontaneously starts serenading me on the piano, and calms my nerves (with the dog avidly watching at her side).

Beer in hand... :)

Well earnt beer in hand out at the "Hotel De Handsley". The end of the storm before the peace.

It's goodbye!

Mowgli is never keen to say goodbye!... at least to the instruments! ...

Stowaway! ....

Luckily we noticed the stowaway hiding in the instrument covers!

the studio...

Took me a while to pick the right place to be in to do this record.... chose it primarily because of the amazing Engineer, and how chilled out and yet efficient he is and i knew would compliment my style of working perfectly.... crucial to provide the right environment for you.... its gotta feel like home. Here's a sneaky peak of his studio!.... or his rather large desk!

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Tori Handsley