Our special guest arrives!...

...and more delirious, hilarity ensues. She's just finished running a school concert before hopping on the train, and comes in with a squashed bunch of flowers, and a huge box of empty chocolates, all of which she has eaten on the ride up, and feeling quite sick!

Dr Dolittle

Ruth forever the Dr. Dolittle, gives Buttons an ear massage. Closest to heaven she's ever been!

Dad tells us stories...

Dad tells us stories of when he used to go to "coffee shops" when he was young, where people would go and hang out. He said he was lucky, as not all of them did, but at his local shop, the owner had a record player, so they used to go and listen new records he played each week


the dogs are there to welcome us

Fingers Burning!!...

No jokes, travelled home with my fingers firmly pressed against the windows of the car, to try and get them to stop burning!! Doing both 'What's in a Tune' and 'Rivers of Mind' in a row,.... turned out to be the roast from hell!... After hearing the album you'll get why!!...

End of a great day.

Exhausted, and mind and body sapped. Another day to go, but the most difficult tunes, physically and emotionally, done.

looking crazy...

Me doing my mindfullness and Alexander technique after a few takes, to re-callibrate!

The red light is on!...

We decided to record live with all of us in the room, with our amps in booths, to make sure the vibe was as natural as possible, as for me, getting the right energy and live interaction between us was the most important ingredient above anything else. With some of the tunes we were happy with the 1st take, but did a 2nd to be safe. I tried to do no more than 3 takes, from some helpful advice from other band leaders, so to not overwork it and conserve our energy for the other tracks. photo credits - Steven Cropper

Always a spanner...!

With any high pressure performing or recording, I always say to people you have to be prepared for the unexpected and for all the spanners in the works you never imagined and to go with the flow!.... So, after having all my equipment checked and serviced before the big event,... whilst we were sound checking the harp, I found a buzz coming from one of the strings, which appeared mysteriously out of the woodwork (literally!) My worst nightmare, and even before starting track 1!!.. Trying to subside my inner panic, I called Niebisch & Tree harp specialists, who calmly talked me through the issue and asked me to send photos and videos to them. After some consulation, and then testing it through


Amazing watching Nick the engineer at large in the studio - so fast and with an amazing attention to detail - like watching a proper craftsman at work. And a thoroughly lovely guy to boot.

First... drums!

Moses and I arrived bright and early to start setting up the drums -always the first instrument to get carefully in place with the epic amount of mics required! Going for a rocky sound, we decided to take the front off the bass drum, amongst other tricks of the trade and sonic secrets of Moses!

Good vibes...

Heading down to the studio Moses & I enjoy some new music from some fresh artists on the scene to get our creative mojo working, followed by some Magnus Ostrom, one of my favourite artists of all time, to top it off and get in the zone

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Tori Handsley