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What a night!...@Ronnie Scotts upstairs

Thanks again to everyone who made "Classical Kicks @Ronnie Scotts Upstairs" the experience it was and all you lovely folk who sprung down to surround us. It was a really special evening. Hosted by the fantastic Lizzie Ball - who reminded me of a classical Jools Holland!... springing here there and everywhere with different ensembles! Highly recommend checking this night out in future if you weren't able to come. Watching the other musos more classical set, their commitment to each note, the intensity and emotion of the music was intoxicating. At one point I had to walk out as I almost burst into tears - thanks Gabriella Swallow! Ali Ward on sound who came specially for the evening, was outstandingly diligent and lovely to work with as ever, creating a spaghetti junction to serve the sprawl of musicians and gear! Big up finally to Steven Cropper for his super pic!

Photo by Steven Cropper

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