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Roast of the day!

First tune of the day, and Sahra steps into the booth for the first time adding lyrics to a multi-layered song I've been working on for years. A special song for me, which deeply connects with environmental themes close to my heart. A tough call asking Sahra to soar over the heavy instrumental revolving textures; whilst in other sections improvising live at the time with the band, pushing through to new territory in every take.

A few takes in, its sounding good, but not quite connecting, so we took a short break and had a chat about the song and about really going for it! (what's the worst thing that can happen?!) Talked about not thinking too much, to try and keep the innate energy which worked so beautifully the first time I worked with Sahra on the song at my house. Coming back with new direction, its in the bag.

Photo credits - Stephen Cropper

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