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As We Stand 
Released 27th November 2020
Vinyl + CD Bundle
  • Double Vinyl LP
  • CD
+  Digital Download
£35 including postage
  • Double Vinyl LP
+  Digital Download
£28.50 including postage
As We Stand is a statement -musical and environmental- about where we stand as humans at this pivotal point in time. "I feel we're standing at a vital crossroads as we realise the damage that we have caused to our natural world, a world so many of us love and all depend on. It is only through these realisations we can find creative solutions and see new possibilities to create a brighter world." Tori Handsley 2020 

Tori Handsley – Electric Harp FX & Piano

Moses Boyd – Drums

Ruth Goller – Bass

Sahra Gure – Vocals 



Mixed by Dilip Harris

Mastered by Guy Davie at Electric Mastering

Produced by Tori Handsley

  • CD
+  Digital Download
£11 including postage